Print and digital editions out now, also features racing special, the latest developments in AI and much more

Develop June: Develop cover stars discuss a decade in games in the 150th issue

Develop June marks the 150th issue of the magazine. To celebrate we invited a roundtable of past cover stars to discuss how development has changed in the last decade.

Elsewhere in the issue, available now, we have five pages dedicated to racing games, a chat with Wargaming on its ever-grown ambitions for world domination and a look at the latest developments in AI.

The print edition of our June issue is on its way to subscribers. Not a subscriber? No problem – you can read Develop through your browser and on iPad. The iPad or digital version of the magazine costs just £14.99 a year, or you can buy the June issue for a one-off payment of £1.99.

The latest issue features:

  • 150th issue roundtable: Develop cover stars, David Braben, Ian Baverstock, Nina Kristensen and more discuss the game industry’s past and future
  • Racing special: Develop asks where the future of innovation lies on one of the UK industry’s most popular genres
  • Wargaming discusses why its mobilising its resources for an attack on console, mobile and eSports
  • XCom creator Julian Gollop on returning to his roots and the secrets to Kickstarter success
  • We analyse whether top talent can really be replaced at the top studios and more in #DevelopJobs
  • We ask how AI is developing as the new era of console gaming takes hold
  • Craft Animations on its new camera animation tool, Craft CameraFX
  • 12 graphics and rendering tools to make your game shine
  • Key release: Simplygon 6
  • John Broomhall talks with Evolution Studios about the beats of PS4 racer DriveClub
  • Epic on the importance of community for Unreal Engine 4
  • A look at how Microsoft’s Visual Studio can help indies and triple-A devs manage their projects
  • Testronic talks about the importance of collaboration for mobile game testing
  • The role Unity played in the development of Fireproof’s The Room Two
  • Pitbull’s Robert Troughton on finding your niche as a start-up
  • A tutorial on how to bring your Objective-C games to Android using Marmalade Juice
  • Alex Ward on the issues facing Xbox One, and how to solve them
  • Nick Gibson questions whether mobile games can save Japan’s struggling game industry
  • ARM’s Olga Kounevitch on how to get the most out of smart devices

You can read the digital edition through your browser and on iPad.

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