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Develop March: New-look, bumper-sized GDC issue out now

 The latest issue of Develop is out now – and it’s a whopper.

Our bumper-sized GDC issue is overflowing with great interviews and features, with insight from Oculus, PlayStation, Valve, Amazon, Rovio, Yoshinori Ono, Techland, Rare, Respawn, Playtonic, Cloud Imperium, Ninja Theory, Campo Santo, Remedy Entertainment, Unreal, Unity, Crytek, Space Ape Games, Fireproof Studios – to name but a few.

You may also notice that we’ve got a shiny new look, in what our editor ‘hilariously’ describes as "Develop’s biggest point-release since March 2007". We’ll be honing this new design and layout over the coming months, and we’re open to all suggestions – just email James via

The print edition of our March issue is on its way to subscribers now – and it will be available on the show floor at GDC 2016.

You can also read Develop through your browser, mobile or tablet device here. Not a subscriber to our print magazine? You can subscribe for as little as £35 right here.

The latest packed issue includes:

  • VR Wars: Speaking to PlayStation, Oculus and Valve, we ponder the future of virtual reality based on the platforms trying to shape it
  • Interview with Amazon‘s Mike Frazzini on Lumberyard and the retailer’s growing games plans
  • The Perception of Development: We talk to leading studios about how Kickstarters and open development are in danger of glossing over the public’s appreciation of the hard work involved in creating a game
  • Complete nominations guide for The Develop Awards 2016which you can also find online here.
  • Develop’s Guide to GDC 2016: Check out our pick of the conference’s must-see sessions and our handy rundown of key exhibitors – plus Ask Amiqus details how indies can get the most out of attending GDC
  • The art and soul of visual design: The developers of Firewatch, Jazzpunk and Fract OSC discuss what it takes to create a unique visual style for your game
  • The vaulting dead: How Techland implemented first-person parkour movement in Dying Light
  • Rhianna Pratchett on why the whole development team should be working with writers.
  • We interview Yoshinori Ono and discover the unlikely link between Street Fighter and Football
  • Rovio‘s games boss Wilhelm Taht talks us through the Angry Birds firm’s plans to recover from a challenging two years
  • SuperData’s Joost van Dreunen reveals the benefits of localising for China
  • NDreams’ Patrick O’Luanaigh discusses social VR, and why the new medium isn’t just for single-player experiences
  • VR devs ponder how the new medium could ‘transform the jobs market
  • Respawn call for new recruits as the studio gears up for a Titanfall sequel – plus a brand new project
  • We talk to Rare‘s Gregg Mayles about the studio’s 30th anniversary celebrations and new recruitment drive
  • Interview with Artomatix, the new service firm that uses AI to generate new art assets
  • Tutorial: How to give clothing that extra swish with CryEngine VCloth
  • The Develop Post-Mortem: Fireproof’s The Room Three kicks off our new series looking at the creation of some of the biggest and best games
  • Expanded Jobs section, with news on Bungie, Playtonic, and Beamdog, plus Get That Job spotlight on creative producers, a new online devleopment training course and a Recruiter Hot Seat interview with Capcom Vancouver
  • Heard About: John Broomhall looks at the audio work behind Remedy’s upcoming hit Quantum Break
  • Unity Focus: Blackbird Interactive talks about the making of Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak
  • Unreal Diaries: Editing virtual reality games… while using virtual reality
  • Made With Marmalade: Advice on how to improve your monetisation on mobile
  • Key Release: Graphine details the newest improvements to Graphine SDK
  • Services Spotlight: How Bundle Stars helps devs get noticed on PC
  • Tools Spotlight: A fresh look at mo-cap solution OptiTrack
  • Sperasoft discuss the opportunities for companies that handle outsourced work
  • GameSparks on why backend-as-a-service providers expect more demand on console, PC and VR
  • GetSocial lists 11 reasons why its software will help devs make the most of social media when promoting their games

You can read the latest issue on browser, mobile or tablet here. Alternatively, you can subscribe to the print edition of Develop here.

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