The most bankable games studios in the world today, measured by retail sales data

Develop Studio Sales Charts: March

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Below is Develop’s monthly breakdown of the world’s most successful games studios, measured by UK revenue at retail, with data provided by GFK Chart-Track.

The Develop Studios Sales Charts will be published on’s news pages at the end of each month.

Please note that digital sales are not included in the calculations, nor are retail transactions made outside the UK. The chart is intended to provide a snapshot of the most bankable studios in the world today.

Directly below is the basic top ten but click on the image further down for the full top 20 including the studio’s best selling title for the month and which consoles it was sold to.


1 EA Canada
2 Bioware
3 Nintendo
4 Slant Six Games
5 Sega
6 ND Cube
7 Capcom
8 Ubisoft Montreal
9 Yuke’s
10 Infinity Ward/Sledgehammer

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Bioware jumps up from 29th to 2nd thanks to its release of Mass Effect 3, which has shipped more than 3.5 million units since release last month.

Slant Six Games also enters the chart straight in at number 4 after releasing Capcom published title Resident Evil: Operation Racoon City for PS3 and Xbox 360.

Just five of the studios represented in the top 20 were independent, whilst the rest were publisher owned.

11 companies in the top 20 are situated in North America, whilst five come from Japan and just four of the studios are based in Europe.

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