Indie outfit Itch now responsible for an online Twitter game where users are â??capturedâ?? for points

Developer completes ultimate bandwagon jump with Twitter game

Those of you who feel a little ashamed to have jumped on the Twitter bandwagon for no apparent reason, rejoice that you’re not the worst offender.

Indie developer Itch has released an online game based on the popular social microblogging site.

Known as SNODS (Social Networks Online Defense Squads), the game is essentially an online hub – with Twitter streams integrated into it – where players can hunt down certain popular faces in exchange for in-game currency.

"It’s fun to follow your friends and favourite celebrities to get their update stream,” said Itch CEO Nitin Malhotra, “but honestly, there are a lot of times where you just want to slap them with a large trout or lock them up and gag them. That’s what SNODS allows you to do."

Itch adds that the game will include ‘secondary missions’ such as give questions about your twitter captives as well as scavenger hunts where players are given a list of Twitter users to capture.

SNODS will also allow players to play the game directly from Twitter by sending out commands in the text window.

‘Capturing’ involves clicking on a user’s profile. Make of that what you will, or try the game here.

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