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Developers raise the Bar(Camp) with tips on making apps successful

Droidcon London started off its two-day event with a trip to the Bar(Camp). This was a chance to drink up all the hot topics that developers attending the event were keen to discuss, putting the direction of the day in their hands.

The event encouraged developers to put forward their own presentations and discussions on various app and software topics, ranging from “Maps and Apps” to “Modern Testing Technologies – or how to avoid getting murdered in your sleep by a death goblin.” So which presentations, and more importantly which technologies, are making waves in the developer community?

The presentation propositions that were best received were those that focused on speeding up the time to market, improving quality, and using technology to bring things to life through interaction. AppFour, one of Intel’s Software Innovators, showed how to use their creation AIDE to develop an Android app on-the-go, using an Android device. They also created a buzz among the audience with demonstrations of how wearable technologies are increasingly being integrated into Android apps.

Obvious Engineering’s discussion about their app Seene was another conversation starter. Seene lets you take 3D photos, and was created by the team because it’s “something that millions of people can use.” Questions surrounding this gave an insight into what could be next: will we be able to create an app that can do this with moving imagery? How will Intel RealSense Technology feature in the app’s development moving forward? There were even questions on 3D printing.

Another key discussion, started by Intel’s Jamie Tanna, was optimising apps for devices. He explained how creating basic NDK-based Android apps and porting existing NDK based Android apps to use IA (Intel Architecture)can have a big impact on the quality of apps running on Intel processor-based devices. He also spoke about Intel’s involvement in new devices, for example Tesco’s Hudl2.

Whether you’ve been inspired by Droidcon to improve your apps or want to get started with making your first game, Intel provides free tools, tutorials and tips to help you. Visit the Intel Developer Zone for Android to discover them. You can also look back at the programme and see videos of the talks online now.

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