Alacrity Falmouth student Sam Pike reflects on his experience with the incubator programme

Diaries From Alacrity Falmouth: Relative Dimensions’ story

Towards the end of my Games Technology degree, I was unsure about what the next step of my life and career would be. Whilst questioning what I wanted to achieve, all of my great ambitions left me with one burning question: “how?”

This is when I found Alacrity Falmouth, a new graduate program that would turn graduates into directors of their own market-led business in the space of a year. Not only this, but the lucky young talents would have the chance to earn an MA in Entrepreneurship and receive financial support whilst doing so. This all seemed too good to be a true: was I dreaming?

It turns out I was very much awake! Within days of finishing my final coursework submissions, I was off to begin the great new digital frontier down in Cornwall.

Over the past ten months, Alacrity Falmouth has proved to be everything it promised and so much more. I started in May as a graduate with skills to apply but little self-confidence in these skills and have flourished into a lead technical games designer, a (soon-to-be) co-director in my own business, complete with business plan, investment plan and pitching skills to boot.

I have been to London, practicing pitching in Fleet Street to investment bankers; having in-depth discussions about the future of our industry at the South-West Virtual Reality conference in Bristol. These opportunities and many more have come to be because of Alacrity. If I had been anywhere else it is likely I wouldn’t have even seen the inside of an investment pitch for many years, and to be talking to like-minded developers with some fantastic ideas was such an inspiration.

In our team, Relative Dimensions, we have been working closely with Centroid 3D to create the next generation in immersive entertainment for tourist attractions. Utilising our knowledge of games development, and our partner’s in-depth knowledge and experience in motion capture, we have created a phenomenal product. Combining this with our business skills and furthering our outreach of contacts, we have created the formula for success.

We are currently finalising our business documents and this important focus has presented the biggest challenge we have faced so far; maintaining momentum on both production and business fronts. However, we have been able to remedy this by putting in the extra hours and focussing all of our energy last two months of the programme before incorporation. Although this may seem like a huge amount of work and effort, this high-pressure scenario will be the final process in forging an extremely strong business.

You can find out more at You can readmore Diaries From Alacrity Falmouth here.

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