100,000 sq ft. site to house all programmes under one roof

Digipen to move to new campus

Digipen is set to move onto a new 100,000 sq ft. complex in order to consolidate all its courses under one roof.

Currently split over two sites, the move will contain auditoriums, classrooms, art studios, labs, a large work area, library, cafeteria, recreation room and general store.

“This move represents a great point of development for DigiPen and the game industry. DigiPen has been teaching students for over 20 years, and with that valuable experience, we were able to design the new campus to provide the students with the best environment to learn, collaborate on projects, live their daily lives, and be most productive, so that we can provide the industry with the best workforce possible," said Claude Comair, founder and CEO of DigiPen.

"The new campus has been designed to fit DigiPen’s unique way of teaching, which balances a very rigorous academic curriculum with practical projects from start to finish. Furthermore, having all our degree programs under one roof will enable the students from the various degree programs to collaborate with each other on projects much more efficiently in an environment similar to what they will encounter in the real world. The functionality and design of this new campus will enhance the quality of our students’ education and experience.”

The school has also claimed to be a growth driver in the local Redmond technology sector, with the number of game-relating company growing from less than 10 to over 150 since the facility has been in the area.

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