â??Itâ??s usually the core audience that cares about having their consoles online"

Digital distribution process â??works againstâ?? casual games

One of the key values of social gaming – in that it targets consumers without an ardent interest in games – is at odds with the abstruse nature of digital distribution.

That was the opinion offered by David Amor, co-founder of Brighton-based developer Relentless, the studio behind the Buzz quiz franchise.

In an interview published today, Amor discussed the contradiction between hassle-free games and the digital model in which they are increasingly being distributed through.

“I would guess there is a correlation between more casual game audiences and people not getting connected online, and not being in the habit of doing that,” he said.

“It’s one of the challenges – as a studio that is set up as working on social games for the wider market – that digital distribution probably works against us.

“It’s usually the core audience that cares about having their consoles online, and are in the habit of spending their money there,” he added.

Despite this growing challenge, Amor still placed much faith in the nascent casual game sector. He went as far as saying the casual genre will deliver unique, multi-million-selling games.

Downloadable content for Relentless’ current core property, Buzz, underpins this tension between casual audiences and fairly esoteric purchase processes, yet Amor pointed out that the system must still be working:

“Sony is certainly pleased with the sales of the Buzz Question Packs, and Sony is certainly keen to support more. I would guess that they would stop supporting them if they weren’t making any money.”

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