Reddit user spends whole day at Warframe studio, uncovers secret game, enjoys free lunch

Digital Extremes infiltrated by random gamer

A Canadian gamer spent the day posing as a developer in the offices of Warframe developer Digital Extremes – and discovered details about an unannounced title in the process.

Kotaku has verified the legitimacy of claims made on Reddit (which have since been deleted) in which a user named UndercoverLegend was able to not only track down the studio’s HQ but also grab a free lunch.

“I knew they were in London, Ontario, Canada but I didn’t know where. They have been hiding from us for years, no explanation to as where. I found them,” the user wrote. “The doors are all opened by fingerprints, pretty cool. But I just followed some tattooed dude into the door after he unlocked it. He didn’t even ask me any questions. I had my Doctor Who shirt on and I tried my best to blend in.

“No one asked me if I worked there, I just sat in the chairs and moved around every now and then. At 12:01pm the lunch lady says that food is ready over the intercom and I join up the line. There’s a bunch of plates stacked and then you just grab the food buffet style. I sat down and enjoyed my free lunch and started talking to some people.

“They told me they were working on a new game called Keystone. They said it was a FPS with cards (like Magic the Gathering style perhaps) but didn’t explain that much about it. There were no security guards and no one asked me who I was. They just assumed I belonged there and told me about their secret game. At 6pm people started leaving so I just followed them out and the one guy said ‘See you tomorrow’ so I agreed.”

Although it wouldn’t comment on details about the game, Digital Extremes did seem to confirm the incursion.

“Well, Canadians are known for being welcoming and polite,” it said. “We employ over two hundred passionate gamers committed to delivering kickass games like Warframe and Sword Coast Legends and while we’re flattered someone would want to spend the day with all of us, please respect our privacy and know that, like any business would, we completely discourage any and all unlawful attempts to enter our Relay.

“We love our Tenno, but let’s be respectful and law-abiding. Trespassing is never OK.”

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