Dingit.tv Q&A: How does the video service help developers?

Tell us about Dingit.tv and what you do?

Dingit is an on-demand video platform that focuses on quality short form video game content and part of Level Up Media. We focus on creating destinations for gaming and esports fans to watch premium on demand video. One of the key differences of Dingit compared to other gaming video platforms is that we review all content before it is made public to ensure quality and brand safety. At our core, we are also a technology company with over half of our 50+ staff on the development team. 

What does this kind of platform do to the games that developers produce?

First and foremost, our audience generates hundreds of millions of videos views globally each month. This provides developers the opportunity to get their games in-front of gaming fans, raise awareness of their games and ultimately drive additional sales and in-game purchases. As we focus on short form video, there is the opportunity for creators to showcase their best highlights or bite-sized reviews, tips and tricks or even new features. The gameplay alone provides significant brand awareness and interest for the game and that is further amplified by the celebrity appeal of the content creator.

Some of the top video creators, esports teams and players, have millions of fans and influencers. As platforms like Dingit.tv allow these creators to reach their fans and monetize their content, it enables them to keep creating more videos and higher the quality of the content. For example, if a top player uses a new in-game character skin, it has the same effect as a professional footballer wearing a specific pair of boots – sales.

In addition to reach, we can also work closely with developers to provide additional brand awareness and access to influencers through either our pre-roll advertising, branded portals such as Penta Sports and across our social channels. With these tools, we are able to create bespoke marketing campaigns that accelerate and complement the organically produced content and reach of their games.

How can this help developers compared to other platforms?

For developers, one of the biggest differences is that we vet all content before it goes live. This means we can be confident that all content uploaded is entertaining, high quality and, critically, brand safe. Especially within gaming, user generated videos can sometimes feature inappropriate content (there have been some high-profile examples of this earlier in the year) and by reviewing all content we make sure that there are no unsuitable videos on the platform. For developers, this helps minimise risk of their gameplay being associated with undesirable content themes.

Our video distribution and monetisation technology also offers benefits to developers. Viewers on our platform can achieve a more stable video playback and higher quality; viewers who have a better experience will be able to focus more on great gameplay. Our ability to monetise enables us to provide our content partners a sustainable and reliable income. This stability in revenue creates an environment where content creators can invest into their video creation and focus on making the best content. If creators can focus on their videos, it further increases the reach and perception of the games they are playing.

Tell us a little bit about the advantages for people that create content using Dingit.tv?

There are three main advantages of our platform for content creators. Firstly, we license content directly from the creator with a payment for each video they upload. This license fee is reviewed periodically based on the quality and audience for their content. For creators, a license fee provides stability and reliability in their revenue when compared to a revenue share agreement.

As a result, creators can focus on creating the best content rather than needing to worry about how to maximise revenue on their content. In addition to receiving a stable income, the other advantage of our license agreements is we work directly with all our creators and only accept high quality content. This means that we can help partners to help them maximise their audience and improve their content. Lastly, our technology allows creators reach more viewers around the globe and on more devices while also maximising revenue – in turn allowing us to pay creators more for their content!

Game studios and publishers now often create their own content for streaming, video and promotional use. How can studios utilise this kind of platform and the tools that are provided by Dingit.tv?

It is great that studios and publishers are utilising video and helping their community creators to generate a larger audience and interest in their games. At Dingit, we try to provide the right tools for the objectives of specific partners. Some developers want to maximise the audience for their content while others are looking for another revenue stream and Dingit provides the opportunity for both. We can use branded areas for a specific content series or developers like what we use for esport teams or influencers, like Gfinity for example.

These partner portals can provide additional branding opportunities and link backs to external sites or stores depending on the partner’s objective. There is also the option for amplification of their marketing campaigns through our video pre-roll ads and our social media reach where we can provide a way to reach a global audience of gaming fans with specific targeting.

If the developer is looking to generate an additional revenue stream, we can look to work with a content license or utilise our video player technology, EvoPlayer, on their own domains with a revenue share. Our EvoPlayer integration can also be used in a white label capacity which allows a developer to create their own video destination site for their community. 

Esports is a big draw for Dingit.tv. How can a esports game developer utilise your platform to improve or monitor their game in the wild?

As we focus on short form video on demand (VOD), naturally esports highlights are a great way to use this format. The other big use of shorter form VOD in esports is tips and tricks videos and opinions on new features or patches. All of this gives a quick way for developers to get people’s opinions on changes and developments.

The Dingit.tv audience also creates a gateway for more casual gamers to get into esports due to shorter content. While watching a 6-hour tournament gets the full picture, it is quite a commitment from a viewer. Highlights provide a way for more casual viewers to get caught up with the latest esports action and best players.

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