Promising LucasArts title may no longer be in development

Disney abandons Star Wars 1313 trademark

The trademark for LucasArts’ once much-anticipated game Star Wars 1313 has been abandoned.

The notice of abandonment, as spotted by The Escapist, is listed on the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

The trademark official expired on December 23rd, more than a year after Disney bought LucasFilm from founder George Lucas for £2.5 billion.

The company’s game development arm LucasArts was closed in April last year. At the time a Disney spokesperson told Develop all in-development titles were "under evaluation".

A month later, it was revealed that EA had snapped up the rights to exclusively develop Star Wars-based games, and had set its DICE and Visceral studios to work on making titles based on the IP.

It would appear now that the project that excited so many during E3 2012 has been canned, or is at least being reworked under a new name.

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