New title based on a range of iconic characters to be released on console, mobile and online

Disney takes on Skylanders with Disney Infinity

Disney wants in on the consumer excitement that has propelled Activision’s Skylanders to become a $500m-grossing toy-game property in the US.

Disney Infinity unites a range of iconic characters as a console, mobile and online game 

It is "not just a single game" the firm says, with Infinity tapping into multiple properties, such as Cars, Pirates of the Caribbean and Mickey Mouse. 

Disney will launch software and figurines, with the figures used in two ways.

The first is in individual ‘Play Sets’, specific games themed around each property – the first three games are related to Pirates of the Caribbean, Monsters Inc and The Incredibles.

These characters will also be able to interact in different modes that Disney otherwise wouldn’t allow through its ‘Toy Box’ functions, which allows players to put characters together in races and other adventures with a level editor.

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