Develop asks an industry panel if the tax credit fight is worth it

Do UK devs agree with Kotickâ??s tax break rage?

Just days into the new year, the protracted and controversial issue of games tax breaks is already back in the spotlight.

The man who put it there this time is Activision CEO Bobby Kotick, the outspoken boss of the world’s biggest third-party publisher.

Kotick said the UK Coalition’s tax break snub was “a terrible mistake”, but does the industry agree?

Develop has asked a selection of prominent UK developers to share their personal views on game development tax breaks. The results may be surprising.

Ndreams’ Nicholas Lovell is clearly against the measure.

“Tax credits move around at government speed when the games industry moves at internet speed,” he said in the panel feature.

Jason Avent, of Brighton outfit Black Rock Studio, represented the other end of the spectrum. He said: “I don’t understand how anyone could argue that more money would harm a business.”

Meanwhile, Nina Kristensen of Cambridge studio Ninja Theory, and Tag Games boss Paul Farley were supportive but showed reservations.

To read their views on the matter, go here, and feel free to post your own.

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