Life is Strange developers says sex shouldn't matter when it comes to "creating a good story"

Dontnod: Main character gender is ‘irrelevant’

French developer Dontnod Entertainment has said that the gender of your main character is "quite irrelevant" when it comes to the quality and success of a game or its storyline.

The comments emerged during a Reddit Ask Me Anything, in which a user asked whether he should play Life Is Strange when he’s not a teenage girl in high school, according to Gamespot.

One of the game’s director Michel Koch stressed that Life is Strange is not a high school drama, and is actually "a first for games in our opinion".

"To be honest we also really think that the gender of a main character is quite irrelevant when creating a good story," Koch wrote. "It really depends o how you write your characters in relation to the themes you are dealing with.

"Life is Strange is starring a teenage girl, you’re right, but it is clearly not only a teenage girl story and we really think that both male players and female players will relate to this game and enjoy this adventure."

Life is Strange is an episodic adventure for consoles and PC from the team behind Capcom’s Remember Me.

It is being published by Square Enix, with the studio saying the Japanese firm was the only publisher that didn’t demand they change the sex of their protagonist.

Develop‘s Craig Chapple recently looked into the sales numbers of games and films with women protagonists to prove why claiming female leads don’t work is nonsense.

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