Latest release features vertex reposition and improvements to SDK's plug-ins and GUI

Donya Labs launches Simplygon 5.0

Donya Labs has launched the fifth version of its automatic 3D optimisation development tool Simplygon.

The tech is designed to provide automatic polygon decimation and 3D optimisation to help streamline the production pipeline for game development.

Simplygon 5.0 can be used to target platforms such as high-PCs, consoles and mobile, and is targetted at triple-A development, although the company is working on making the tool available for smaller studios.

The latest release includes a number of new features such as vertex reposition to reduce silhouette difference and minimise LOD pops, an improved parameteriser and skinng support in ProxyLOD.

Improvements have been made to SmartImprove and QualityRender and also in the character LOD quality with symmetry support in MESHLOD, as well as other enhancements in the tech’s SDK plug-ins and GUI.

“The GUI now has multiple comparison modes, where you can compare the LODs to the original, and we have also added possibilities to mark vital areas that are extra important to keep,” Donya Labs Ulrik Lindahl recently told Develop.

“These semi-automatic edit modes work very well with the fully automated visioning systems to make even higher quality optimised meshes.”

Simplygon product evangelist Koshi Hamedi said: “Polygons become an endangered species when they meet Simplygon, but our advanced algorithms and automated quality checking ensure the finished product doesn’t sacrifice visual quality and only the superfluous polygons are removed.

“The goal with Simplygon 5.0 is to give digital content creators an even more useful suite of optimisation tools where automated processes become an even larger part of the package.”

For more information on Simpygon 5, you can view our Key Release on the tech featured in the March issue of Develop magazine here.

You can also visit the official website here.

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