Campaign raises more money with more backers in less time than any in platform's history

Double Fine breaks Kickstarter record

The Double Fine Kickstarter adventure continues to turn heads, setting new records on the crowd sourcing platform.

The funding campaign began yesterday evening on the west coast, and has already raised $760k for a new adventure game.

"I can confirm that there’s not been a project that has raised as much as this one in such a short timeframe," a kickstarter spokesperson told Joystiq.

Double Fine have rallied more backers to their cause than any other project currently on the site, though it is unsure if another project no longer listed actually holds the record for the most backers.

"He may not know it yet, but Schafer’s new adventure game could mark a turning point for the games industry," said Rob Crossley on the Develop-Online blog.

"It is, by a significant margin, the most high-profile Kickstarter games project ever, funded by a games community clued-in, and grown tired of, the industry’s fear of investing in innovation."

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