Two-week brainstorming and prototyping session to be livestreamed, projects selected by fans

Double Fine takes Amnesia Fortnight to public

The once top-secret Amnesia Fortnight during which Double Fine brainstorms and develops prototypes for upcoming games has been made public.

Amnesia Fortnight has been around for several years, producing concepts and prototypes for games like Once Upon a Monster, Critter Quest and Stacking.

In partnership with the Humble Bundle, Double Fine has made this process a fundraising initiative as well by giving contributing fans a chance to vote on which ideas should become prototypes.

Customers will receive the four prototypes from Amnesia Fortnight as well as two prototypes from previous sessions: Costume Quest and Happy Song (which later became Once Upon a Monster).

The entire development process is to be livestreamed.

Double Fine has been pushing for greater transparency and openness in the development process since its adventure game Kickstarter launched early this year.

"There are so many great ideas that we come up with that no one ever sees, and there’s so much inventiveness – an explosion of ideas – that we want to share with people," Double Fine founder Tim Schafer told Rock Paper Shotgun.

"There’s 23 pitches on the page, and that’s just me asking, ‘Hey, anybody in the company want to pitch a game?’ I can see almost every one of them being a fun game, but we can only make four or five. So I’m asking people to help us choose. Sometimes I get tired of being the chooser. I’m tired of being the decider!"

The full list of prototypes being pitched can be found here at the Humble Bundle website.

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