Strategy game generates $740,000 in five days.

Double Fine’s Massive Chalice hits Kickstarter goal

Double Fine’s latest Kickstarter campaign for strategy title Massive Chalice has surpassed its $725,000 funding goal in just five days.

In development by a separate team to that working on the studio’s previous crowdfunding venture, Broken Age, the project has now raised over $741,000 at the time of writing from 20,000 backers.

The title, inspired by other tactical strategy games such as X-Com, Final Fantasy Tactics and Fire Emblem, is being led by Iron Bridge creator Brad Muir.

The game will be a turn-based, multi-generational strategy title, in which players take on the role of an immortal king or queen as they wage warfare, arrange royal marriages and conduct research to keep their kingdom alive throughout the generations.

Double Fine’s last Kickstarter-funded title, now called Broken Age, raised $3.3 million through the site, and helped kick off a crowdfunding craze which inspired a plethora of developers to look to their communities to raise funds.

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