Develop Award winning digital download team targets more formats

Doublesix widens remit to include PSP and iPhone

Kuju’s Guildford-based digital download studio Doublesix has confirmed it will now be working on iPhone/iPod Touch and PSP games.

The studio, officially opened in November last year, focuses on making games primarily for digital download. Last week it won the Develop Award for Best New Studio. The team has worked on the Nintendo versions of Geometry Wars and the upcoming South Park XBLA game published by Microsoft.

The team is now hard at work on that game and other projects for the likes of XBLA, PSN, WiiWare, PC, PSP and iPhone/iTouch.

Studio head James Brooksby commented: "We are incredibly pleased to be working with Microsoft Game Studios and South Park Digital Studios on this fantastic game. We have a high calibre team working (and laughing) here and they can’t wait to let loose their creation on an unsuspecting world.

"We have a great new studio here at Doublesix: fantastic people, exciting projects, a good atmosphere, some amazing ideas and best of all, it’s fun to work here."

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