Studio to break seven streak of Guitar Hero projects

Downsized Neversoft given action shooter project

After developing seven Guitar Hero games in quick succession, Californian outfit Neversoft has been given the opportunity to work on an entirely new project.

Several job vacancies on Neversoft’s website shows the company is seeking developers to work on a ‘on new action shooter game’.

The studio, owned by publishing giant Activision, broke onto the scene with Tony Hawk Pro Skater series, though the developer was relieved of those responsibilities as its skating games began to stagnate critically and commercially.

The studio then moved to work on the western action title Gun, before Activision delegated seven Guitar Hero projects to the studio.

This year Activision will only release a single Guitar Hero game – with that franchise now taking its turn to saturate the market – and has left Neversoft open to new ventures.

Neversoft is looking for multiplayer and level designers for its new action shooter game, as well as AI programmers and a senior designer.

With Take-Two’s Red Dead Redemption proving that western-focused games can still thrive in the market, one could speculate that Neversoft could be turning its attentions to a sequel to Gun.

Substantial staff cuts were administered at the studio earlier this year, with suggestions that as many as 50 were laid off.

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