Dungeon Defenders studio hires former LucasArts president as new CEO

Dungeon Defendersdeveloper Trendy Entertainment has hired on ex-LucasArts president Darrell Rodriguez as the indie studio’s new CEO.

Speaking with Games Industry, Rodriguez discussed his excitement for both the upcoming Dungeon Defenders II and Playverse – the company’s cross-platform tech.

"When I first visited here I saw tremendous potential–both in Dungeon Defenders II and their cross platform backend and technology, Playverse, and needed to be a part of it,” Rodriguez said. Working with talented, passionate people and putting them and customers first to help unlock Trendy Entertainment’s potential is why I’m here.”

"I have been extremely fortunate to work with some of the most talented and passionate people across various creative industries and at some of the most renowned companies in the world. I am equally impressed and blessed to work with the passion and skill that exist at Trendy."

Rodriguez will look to expand Trendy’s own portfolio, as well as encourage other studios to utilize Playverse.

"Working in a hits driven business has been challenging. I have learned that depth of portfolio coupled with breadth of product offering is essential, as customer taste changes constantly," he explained. [I’m excited to] empower other developers to create experiences using Playverse."

The newly-appointed CEO also explained there will be new IP in Trendy’s future as well.

"I can tell you we are certainly not a single game company. Dungeon Defenders is just the beginning," he said.

Rodriguez also touched on the controversy that surrounded Trendy nearly a year ago, when reports of mismanagement, sexism and persistent crunch periods began surfacing.

"I followed the topic closely in the news and upon arrival I spoke extensively with management about the changes that came about as a result of it. I’m impressed with the huge cultural shift Trendy has already undertaken and I’m excited to help them continue this process," he said.

"Again, empowering people, and unlocking their skills and passion to create IP and technology is what is most gratifying for me. I envision a highly functioning company that efficiently delivers great games and technologies that thrill and empower players and developers alike."

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