CCP plans to support free-to-play FPS with new content and features 'for years to come'

Dust 514 launches on PS3

CCP’s hugely ambitious free-to-play MMO Dust 514 has officially launched on the PS3.

The free-to-play title, which shares the same universe as PC subscription-game Eve Online, first went into open beta on January 22nd, having previously merged with Eve Online servers on January 10th.

The project is designed to bring together the player communities of both titles, with the events of one game directly impacting what happens in the other. Dust players can also join up with existing corporations in Eve Online, as well as recruiting pilots to join them in battle.

CCP said it had several major updates planned for 2013 to bring new content such as maps, battle types and extra features to the title, as well as further updates in future.

“Dust 514 has been forged by the willpower and skills of the players who have joined us on the journey to launch, and the talent and determination of our development teams around the world,” said CCP CEO Hilmar Veigar Pétursson.

“We are now poised for the next phase of development of Dust 514 and the Eve Universe. We are off to a fantastic start, and ahead is the opportunity to expand even further what games can become.

"After a decade of preparing for this moment, we will at last see the emerging society of Dust players begin to fight gun-and-grenade for planetary dominance, alongside their Eve Online brethren. For all we have done so far, our best moments are yet to come.”

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