Dying Light developer Techland opens new digital storefont – Gemly

Dying Light developer Techland has taken a further step into the publishing side of video games by launching its own digital storefront, Gemly.

Polish developer Techland has been publishing third party games for a year now with Torment: Tides of Numenera being the standout product so far. But in addition to its own IPs like Dying Light, the storefront hope to publish more indie and third party titles. A number of indie games are already on the storefront along with Warner Bros. published Lego and Batman titles. Warner Bros. was the publisher for Dying Light.

"On Gemly, we offer exclusive content for Techland and Techland Publishing games, as well as cherry-picked selection of games directly from our partnered developers and publishers," the developer posted in an FAQ on the Gemly website. The storefront isn’t a full client as of yet, as buying games via it will deliver you a code to redeem on Steam or GOG.com, the digital storefront run by CD Projekt Red.

Techland rose to promise in 2006 with Call of Juarez and then in 2011 released Dead Island. The game is owned by publisher Deep Silver and after a follow up with Dead Island: Riptide, Techland was dropped from the IP, which led to the development of Dying Light.

Development of Dying Light doesn’t seem to be finished either as Techland announced this week a further year of DLC support for the game released in January 2015. We spoke to the developer earlier this year about how Dying Light came to be. You can read the full Post-Mortem here.

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