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E3 2011 – All the news

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Friday, June 10

Programming guru gives insight into Wii U tech
New versions of core EA franchises to hit iOS
Media Mill reveals Little Deviants audio work
Molyneux: Fable demo ‘a horrendous mistake’
Bleszinski: You have to work with hackers
Firemint reveals iOS Wii U competitor
Activision wary of mobile games focus
Square Enix JPN: Our E3 efforts were ‘humiliating’
Nintendo: Wii U reveal should have been clearer
FIFA not ready for Kinect
Remedy recoups iPhone dev costs in 3 days
Microsoft: All our game studios should use Kinect
E3 2012 dates announced
Microsoft: We haven’t greenlit a new Alan Wake
Wii U pad’s screen resolution put at ‘854×480’
Crytek: Cloud gaming could transform the industry

Thursday, June 9

Miyamoto: Wii U will only read one screen-pad
Id Tech 5 unacceptable for Skyrim – Carmack
Mirror’s Edge 2 lives on
Carmack: I never wanted to license our tech
Rage SDK confirmed
Jagex hires 8Realms VP
Jaffe: Your WipEout is our Twisted Metal
Denki’s Quarrel finds publisher, release imminent
id regrets Rage’s seven-year dev cycle
CCP: Xbox Live ‘too strict’ for MMOs
Double Eleven scores LittleBigPlanet Vita
Infinity Ward considering dedicated MW 3 servers
VIDEO: Wii U garden demo was likely in real-time
Wii U ‘axes friend codes for Xbox Live experience’
Sony: Vita battery life to rival PSP’s
VIDEO: Nintendo’s Wii U announcement trailer
id Software ambivalent on Wii U
Wii U screen-pad ‘allows us boundless innovation’
Ubisoft backs Wii U with Assassin’s Creed project
PS Vita ‘region free’

Wednesday, June 8

EA: Battlefield and MOH games in annual rotation
Respawn ‘to challenge Bungie’ in sci-fi war games
RIM acquires mobile dev kit firm Scoreloop
Wii U: A visual tour
Mojang: Minecraft 360 isn’t a straight port
TT Games building ambitious Wii U project
OnLive opens to tablets and smartphones
Iwata: facial recognition for Wii U controller possible
Wii U compatibility: MotionPlus certain, others not
Wii Vitality Sensor ‘not dead’
Nintendo boasts huge Wii U network functionality
Wii U runs with AMD custom Radeon HD GPU
Ubisoft backs Wii U with new games rush
Wii U: IBM providing ‘some of our best tech’
Levine confirms Vita BioShock is all-new game
Kotick doubts Battlefield 3 console credentials
Tech specs: Wii U
VIDEO: The Wii U graphics demo
Miyamoto ending Wii development
Retro Studios working on 3DS Mario Kart
Nintendo: Wii U disc capacity at 25GB
Next Level developing Luigi’s Mansion 2
505 Games announces Kinect FPS

Yoshida: Wii U will inspire Vita experiments

Tuesday, June 7

Wii U powered by Unreal Engine 3 tech
Infinity Blade earnings top $10m
EA champions the Wii U
Rocksteady building Arkham City for Wii U
In pictures: Nintendo’s new system, Wii U
Nintendo brings TV to controller with Wii U
Nintendo: We want Wii 2 to merge core and casual
Xbox Live Summer of Arcade line-up revealed
Telltale secures $7m in funding
Relentless crosses the floor for Kinect work
Xbox 360 cloud storage announced
VIDEO: Dust, Uncharted and Resistance headline PS3
Rumour: Limbo coming to PC
VIDEO: The new wave of PS Vita games
Sony bid to spread 3D with ‘budget PlayStation TV’
Lionhead’s Fable: The Journey using UE3
Global development elite rush for PS Vita
RedLynx announces Trials HD sequel
World-first: CCP reveals free-to-play console FPS
Bleszinski: Don’t hate on Kinect
Levine backs Sony with Move and PS Vita projects
PSN activity ‘already at 90% of pre-outage levels’
PSP successor due this year at $249

Monday, June 6

Disney partners with Frontier for new Kinect game
Gearbox jumps from Duke Nukem to Brothers In Arms
Far Cry 3 underway at three Ubisoft studios
Rare splits duties for new Kinect Sports project
Insomniac holds faith in new IP with Overstrike
Microsoft flaunts string of improvements to Kinect
Molyneux reveals Fable Kinect
Crytek reveals Ryse
Minecraft coming to Xbox
EA Sports to support Kinect across key franchises
Microsoft: Kinect support for Mass Effect 3
Ghost Recon goes ‘hands-free’ with Kinect
Al Lowe revives Leisure Suit Larry
THQ miCoach console project
Halo 4 in development
Blizzard seeks PS3 specialists
E3 2011 expecting 45,000 attendees
Insomniac multi-platform reveal at E3
Rare working on voice-enabled Kinect title
Sony Santa Monica announcing four games at E3
Will Wright to make casual sci-fi game
Microsoft releases Star Wars Kinect video


Apple dev conference to clash with Xbox keynote
Grin brothers return with Supersledge
360 Stereoscopic 3D support hinted
Wii 2 pad ‘adds camera system’
E3 no-show for Valve
No E3 presentation for Bungie


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