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E3 2012 News – Everything in one place

Develop is out in force at this year’s E3 with staff covering the event from both Los Angeles and the UK.

Below you’ll find our entire collection of Develop’s E3 reports as they come through.

Monday: June 4th

Wii U – What does it do?
Quantic Dream to reveal new game
E3 may leave LA amidst new stadium concerns

Xbox: Ubisoft Toronto unveils Splinter Cell: Blacklist
Xbox: EA dedicates ‘biggest investment’ to Madden 13
Xbox: Microsoft extends Kinect voice search to 12 languages
Xbox: Microsoft partners with Nike

Xbox: Microsoft unveils Xbox SmartGlass
Xbox: Internet Explorer comes to Xbox 360
Xbox: Usher working with Harmonix
Nintendo at work on ‘3DS XL’?
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive gets August release
South Park look took ‘months of R&D’
Battlefield boasts 15m players
FIFA ‘Football’s social network’, says EA

Sim City Social to launch this month
THQ sells UFC franchise to EA
Rayman Legends for Wii U

Tuesday, June 5th

Ubisoft unveils Watch Dogs
E3 2012: Quantic Dream’s Beyond revealed
Sony enlists J.K. Rowling for Wonderbook launch
PlayStation games heading to HTC mobiles
Ubisoft backs Wii U with eight games
Nintendo opens with Pikmin 3

Nintendo to show off 23 games for Wii U
Wii U will support dual Gamepads
Nintendo adds Netflix, Youtube and Hulu to Wii U
Mass Effect 3 confirmed for Wii U
Ubisoft innovates with Wii U GamePad
Nintendo lifts lid on Nintendo Land
Game-only crowdfunding platform opens doors
Watch Dogs to be released for PC, Xbox, PS3
Video: Bayonetta dev building new IP for Wii U
Wii U supports 1080p; full game list revealed
OnLive comes to LG smart TVs
Dust 514 gets Vita app

Wednesday, June 6th

Nintendo on the difficult second controller
Square Enix reveals next-gen game engine
Last Guardian’s future remains uncertain
Sony: ‘We’re not first, not cheapest’
Nintendo presentation prompts share drop
‘Steam sales devalue IP’ claims Origin boss

Thursday, June 7th

Carmack: Consoles could become a niche
IO apologises for Hitman trailer
Team Ninja: Japanese dev in ‘desperate’ state
Gaikai denies Sony takeover deal
Microsoft admits all gaming will be cloud-based ‘someday’
OnLive iOS app still awaiting approval
More trouble for UsTwo

Friday, June 8th

THQ failed to break even on sold UFC franchise
Nintendo: ‘3DS will attract more Western devs’
Sony says competitors ‘are losing the plot’
EA’s new IP vision for next-gen
Zelda Wii U in R&D

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