'Virtual themepark' to introduce consumer to the Wii U Gamepad

E3 2012: Nintendo lifts lid on Nintendo Land

Nintendo has used its ongoing E3 press conference to confirm Wii U Nintendo Land.

Described as a ‘virtual themepark’, Nintendo Land has been designed to demonstrate the abilities of the Wii U’s distinct Gamepad to the consumer.

The title effectively serves the same role as Wii launch title Wii Sports did in introducing a new controller concept to the consumer.

Nintendo Land is a single game with 12 different ‘attractions’ built around classic Nintendo IP, including Donkey Kong and Zelda.

Nintendo Land’s creation was lead by Katsuya Eguchi, ‘Wii U software producer’.

"The game makes asymmetric gameplay possible," said Eguchi, referring to Nintendo Land’s ability to use two screens and unite players using Gamepads and Wiimotes.

Nintendo Land showcases a number of Gamepad functions, beyond its core screen.

The game will be released at the same time as the Wii U console.

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