Post-press conference share value falls on Japanese stock market, while Sony's climbs

E3 2012: Nintendo presentation prompts share drop

Nintendo’s share price on the Japanese stock market has fallen, seeming as a result of the company’s E3 presentation.

The presentation failed to impress many observers due to a lack of significant announcements, and it appears to have disappointed the financial sector too. Stock in the company fell 2.68 per cent since trading opened today.

Many saw the presentation as an opportunity for Nintendo to leave rivals Sony and Microsoft in the dust, with the two console companies yet to announce their next-gen machines while Nintendo’s Wii U has been in the public eye for exactly a year.

Sony shares on the Tokyo Stock Exchange, meanwhile, have climbed 2.14 per cent overnight. They performed better still in New York, gaining 3.21 per cent.

And Ubisoft, which made what many are deeming the most impressive E3 showing, has seen its shares raise almost 5 per cent.

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