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E3 2012: Nintendo press conference round-up

Nintendo’s E3 conference has just finished, ending the three major console giants’ big showings.

Nintendo took the opportunity to show off the GamePad’s capabilities, revealing that two could be used at the same time, whilst it presented 23 titles for the console, including Mass Effect 3, Super Mario Bros U and Pikmin 3.

The company also announced NintendoLand, described as a ‘virtual themepark’ and was designed to again demonstrate the controller’s unique capabilities to the user, and will be a launch title.

Ubisoft also impressed again, after unveiling its exciting new IP last night in Watch Dogs, it showed off various innovative uses of the GamePad in games such as Just Dance 4 and ZombiU, whilst confirming it was currently developing eight games for the platform.

Nintendo opens with Pikmin 3
Nintendo to show off 23 games for Wii U
Wii U will support dual Gamepads
Nintendo adds Netflix, Youtube and Hulu to Wii U
Mass Effect 3 confirmed for Wii U
Ubisoft innovates with Wii U GamePad
Nintendo lifts lid on Nintendo Land

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