Six months after submission cloud gaming outfit still working hard to make app live

E3 2012: OnLive iOS app still awaiting approval

Cloud gaming provider OnLive has not given up hope of its iOS app going live – despite submitting it to Apple six months ago.

The iOS OnLive app was revealed at E3 2011 and very much pitched as a key part of the package. When used in conjunction with OnLive’s Bluetooth joypad it would allow users a complete triple-A core games experience when on the move.

But since stating in early December last year that the app was undergoing the Apple approval process, nothing has been heard.

Now TouchArcade claims to have word direct from the E3 show floor that the company is “still hard at work on getting the app approved” and that it doesn’t “show any signs of giving up on the project”.

The logical conclusion is to assume that Apple has remained reluctant to allow the app as it effectively allows OnLive to operate its own, revenue-generating gaming ecosystem operating independently of Apple through Apple hardware.

And it’s hard to see that stance changing any time soon.

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