Game maker coming to Xbox One and Windows 8

E3 2013: Project Spark brings world building to Xbox One

Microsoft has revealed a brand new internally developed IP called Project Spark.

The world building title enables users to create their own landscapes and levels. This can be done through a number of voice commands using the Kinect, such as creating a woodlands, mountains, oceans, and setting what time of day the world is set in.

Showing off the game, Microsoft Studios’ Dave McCarthy said players can also use Smartglass to further develop the game world on their tablets, where they can edit more specific and minute details of a level.

As well as creating worlds, players can spawn towns and enemies, and create different scenarios for other players, such as a large goblin attack and natural disasters.

Various objects within the games, such as rocks, also feature brains, with players able to change their behaviours and turn them into useful units to defend a town. One example involved turning a rock into a giant mech like robot.

The game is being developed for Xbox One and Windows 8 PC.

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