Console giant will not restrict pre-owned market in any way, says Tretton

E3 2013: Wave of cheers as Sony supports used games on PS4

A wave of cheers echoed around the E3 conference room as Sony announced it would not be blocking pre-owned games in anyway on the PS4.

In what appeared to be a direct response to the controversies surrounding Microsoft’s Xbox One, SCEA president Jack Tretton said there would be absolutely no restrictions on used games.

This means that consumers will be able to sell on games they have bought, and also loan them to friends.

And in an effort to ease minds over potential always-on requirements, he also said that a PS4 does not need to be connected online for users to play their games, and there will be no authentication codes either.

“We believe in the model that people embrace on PS3 today,” he said.

“When players buy a PS4 disc, they have the rights to sell it to another person.”

The move is in stark contrast to Microsoft’s own initiatives, after the company recently revealed it would leave it up to publishers on how they would deal with the pre-owned market.

Microsoft has also said that users will be required to connect to the internet at least once every 24 hours to ensure they can carry on playing their games. If they do not check in online, users will not be able to play their titles until an internet connection is re-established.

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