Studio working closely with LucasFilm on hotly anticipated return of sci-fi shooter

E3 2014: DICE visited Star Wars museum and locations for new Battlefront

EA DICE is going the extra mile to ensure the next Star Wars Battlefront is as authentic as possible.

In a teaser video shown before EA’s E3 press conference, the studio revealed it had visited the Lucas Cultural Museum to capture images and data of the original models used in the films for their upcoming game.

The team also visited the locations used to film scenes on planets like Hoth and Endor to ensure their environments were accurate.

We think you’ll agree that from the snippets of early in-game footage seen, they’ve done a bang up job.

DICE said they are working closely with LucasFilm to ensure this is the Star Wars game fans have been hoping for. It is also using its Frostbite engine to render the game.

The video ended with the teaser ‘See more in Spring 2015’. Hopefully, that’s a hint to the release, not the next reveal.

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