Sizzle reel teases more Battlefront content, Respawn’s lightsaber game, first glimpse of Visceral’s project

E3 2016: EA’s seven-studio Star Wars assault includes VR, new BioWare title

While none were officially announced, Electronic Arts did give the industry a glimpse of the various Star Wars projects its studios and partners are working on.

During it’s E3 2016 press conference last night, the publisher confirmed that seven studios are all working on new titles or content based in the Star Wars universe. These include:

  • EA DICE, developer behind Star Wars Battlefront
  • Criterion, creators of Burnout and recent Need For Speed titles
  • Motive, the new studio headed up by former Ubisoft producer Jade Raymond
  • Mass Effect and Dragon Age dev BioWare
  • Visceral Games, creator of Dead Space
  • Capital Games, the studio behind the mobile title Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes
  • Respawn Entertainment, developers of Titanfall

A three-minute video, which you can see below, toured these studios and teased their new projects, starting with DICE, which is now working on more content for Star Wars Battlefront. Motive is also assisting with extra content for last year’s multiplayer shooter, presumably while DICE concentrates on the previously confirmed fully-fledged sequel. The two studios promised content from more eras of the Star Wars saga, including from the new film The Force Awakens.

Raymond recently revealed Motive is hiring for developers on its Star Wars project.

A brief glance at a PlayStation VR headset confirmed a virtual reality Star Wars title is in the works, although it’s not clear which studio is handling development. The VR game appears to put players in the cockpit of an X-Wing and, perhaps, more classic vehicles.

The video also shows the first footage of the often-teased new Star Wars title from Visceral Games, which is being led by Amy Hennig. The Uncharted creative director promised this would be a new, authentic Star Wars story, which judging from the brief clip will be set during the classic trilogy.

BioWare also discussed its plans for the Star Wars universe which, according to design director James Ohlen, extends “beyond The Old Republic” – implying a brand new title.

Finally, Respawn Entertainment’s Star Wars title – which was announced last month – appears to have motion-captured lightsaber combat, and will be a third-person action game.

You can check out the video for yourself below:

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