‘I’m back,’ says Metal Gear Solid creator on-stage during PlayStation conference

E3 2016: Kojima Productions’ debut game has a name, Mark Cerny and a naked Norman Reedus

Hideo Kojima’s new independent studio has unveiled more about its first game.

The iconic Metal Gear Solid creator walked out onto the stage during PlayStation’s E3 press conference, accompanied by music from Mad Max and an illuminated catwalk, before declaring: “Hello everyone, I’m back.”

A debut trailer for Kojima Productions’ previously untitled game then revealed its name: Death Stranding.

The cinematic video, which was stamped as being in-engine, also revealed that The Walking Dead actor Norman Reedus will once again be collaborating with Kojima, following his plans to appear in horror title Silent Hills before its cancellation by Konami.

Reedus appeared nude on a beach surrounded by dead fish and whales, handcuffed and holding a baby with what appeared to be a power cord attached to its belly button, before he turns to face four floating figures in the sky. As with many of Kojima’s teasers, it was set to a song, complete with credit: I’ll Keep Coming by Low Roar.

The video opened with a quotation from William Blake, and closed with credits – including the reveal that PS4 system architect Mark Cerny will be contributing as technical producer.

Death Stranding was previously said to be a PS4 exclusive, and will use a third-party engine – although further technical details are yet to emerge.

Kojima has also confirmed that the game will be a “big title”.

All in all, the trailer was very much in keeping with what fans have come to expect from Kojima’s enigmatic video teasers. Take a look for yourself below.

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