New title Foto Face uses DSi camera and microphone, boasts Facebook functions

EA Bright Light launches DSiWare game

EA’s UK studio Bright Light continues to forge ahead into new fields – it’s DS series Flips hits UK stores later this week, and at the same time is accompanied by a new DSiWare title.

Downloadable title Foto Face: The Face Stealer Strikes utilises the DSI’s camera and microphone – and also connects to Facebook. The game launches today followed by a December 4th roll out across the rest of the world.

As well as producing the Harry Potter tie-ins, Bright Light has made a habit of pushing ahead with non-traditional games products.

The new DSiWare game arrives on the same day as Bright Light’s range of DS titles that merge bestselling kids books with gaming – offering novels by the likes of Eoin Colfer and Enid Blyton on DS cards.

"Foto Face: The Face StealerStrikes is a great example of how EA is pushing the boundaries of innovative and creative gameplay," said Harvey Elliott, VP and GM Casual of EA’s Play label.

"By using Nintendo DSi features such as the camera, we’ve significantly deepened the experience by allowing players to personalize the adventure in fun and quirky ways that will deliver hours of entertainment."

"Foto Face: The Face StealerStrikes is not a traditional gaming experience. We believe there are two key viral components, firstly the enormous fun that people will have putting their friends’ faces into the game, and secondly going to Facebook to check out all what other people have done with the character creation tool."

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