iPhone pricing model not the end, argues Harvey Elliott

EA Casual: Price wars will not undermine industry

Speaking at the keynote session opening today’s Casual Games Forum Harvey Elliott, VP and GM of EA Casual, has revealed that while Electronic Arts recognises the threat devalued pricing in the casual sector poses, he is confident that the industry will not be undermined by revenue models such as the iPhone’s.

"Pricing is something that concerns us. Of course it is," admitted Elliott. "At EA we recently saw one of our high-profile games, FIFA 10, involved in a price war, so it does happen. But for me a great game has value that is inherently there. I don’t think we will continue to see every kind of game and release model see prices plummet to 99p, 50p, 30p and so on. I just don’t think well see price wars indefinitely effect the industry. That inherent value will mean there will always be something of worth, so I don’t think we need to worry too much."

Asked by an audience member if free casual games could devalue the industry and undermine production values, Elliott responded: "No. They are an opportunity and a challenge. Our job is making games of quality that will offer a definite value. There are other revenue sources when games aren’t initially charged for, so ‘free’ isn’t strictly free. There are many ways to make money from free games. 

"There are certain games for certain markets, and sometimes free games will feel and fit right, but the same is true for low-priced games and retail games and all kinds of pricing structures. There will always be a place for paid-for games of all price ranges."

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