Game's decline shows trouble for social restaurant sims

EA drops Restaurant City from Facebook, iOS

EA has withdrawn the once mighty Restaurant City from Facebook and iOS.

The game was launched in 2009 by Playfish, aquired by EA in 2010, and at its peak boasted over 5.2 million daily active users.

This April marked three years on Facebook- and a loss of over nintey percent of those peak numbers.

The game hit hard times in September of 2011, dropping to a twenty percent retention rate, and briefly rallied in October with a major update on iOS before dropping off again early this year.

These figures, provided by Inside Social Games, show that it isn’t just Resaurant City having trouble, but a general decline across the genre, with Zynga’s Cafè world also losing users.

EA seems to be struggling to keep its footing in the social and mobile markets, dropping to the number 4 position for DAUs, with Wooga closing in on the number 2 spot for MAUs.

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