Many ex-Bullfrog staff remain at EA Bright Light, says studio head

EA hopeful to remake classic Bullfrog IP

Classic IP from defunct UK studio Bullfrog may be next in line for a next-gen re-release.

That’s according to Harvey Elliott, head of EA’s UK-based Bright Light studio.

Speaking to Videogamer, Elliot said “If I’m making a new [Bullfrog Game] it’s got to be special to stand up there. It’s definitely something we talk about all the time."

Early in July LucasArts announced it was set to re-release ten of its classic franchises (listed here) on Valve’s Steam platform, as well as release a heavily-updated edition of the original Secret of Monkey Island on PC and XBLA.

It continues a growing trend of classic games being re-released, often through emerging digital platforms, as publishers and developers increasingly look to minimise risks and win easy races.

Classic games such as Space Invaders, TMNT: Turtles In Time, Leisure Suit Larry and Alien Breed have in recent times been sent back to developers for re-releases.

A classic Bullfrog IP has, in fact, seen its own re-release of sorts. A new version of well-regarded Bullfrog title Populous was developed by Genki for the Nintendo DS last year.

Bullfrog, co-founded by Peter Molyneux, rose in prominence throughout the late 80s and early 90s before it was acquired by EA back in 1995.

Many ex-Bullfrog staff are now situated at EA Bright Light, with Elliot adding that he’d always put hope on returning to classic Bullfrog IP.

Populous aside, prominent Bullfrog games include Theme Park and Syndicate. Recent unconfirmed reports have suggested that Swedish studio Starbreeze has tied with EA to deliver a next-gen edition of Syndicate.

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