Publisher investing in original content, claims Patrick Soderlund

EA: Only focusing on current IP would be a mistake

Just focusing on existing brands and not developing new IP would be a costly mistake for EA, the publisher’s games chief has said.

Speaking to USA Today, Patrick Soderlund said that whilst the company was happy with its current line-up of games such as Need for Speed and Battlefield, there was a lot of room for new IP.

The publisher’s in-house studios are currently developing sequels to popular franchises such as Dead Space 3, Medal of Honor: Warfighter, Command and Conquer Generals 2 and Sim City 5.

"As game makers, we have to continuously work and launch new intellectual properties into the market," he said.

"If we think we can live off of our existing brands and that only, I think it will not only be costly, but a short-lived mistake. I still think there’s a lot of creative juice in brands like Battlefield and Need For Speed and a bunch of our franchises, but I also do think there’s a lot of room for new intellectual properties.

“We are investing in that today, and you will see new IPs from EA and the Games label in the future."

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