EA Partners signs new Insomniac game

Insomniac Games, the PlayStation studio best known for key Sony franchises Ratchet & Clank and Resistance is working on a new 360/PS3 title that will be released by EA Partners.

Under the terms of the deal, Insomniac will own the IP for the game, which EA Partners will handle sales and marketing for.

Details on the title itself are being closely guarded, with EAP and Insomniac last night telling MCV that they will unveil it when we’re ready”.

EA Partners boss David De Martini told MCV that Insomniac has a reputation for making great games” and toasted the studio’s 12 years of sound business as proof that the deal was a good bet.

De Martini promised that the game would be of the quality expected from the firm that created Spyro the Dragon as well as other big franchises – and that it’s all part of EA’s push towards raising the quality of all the games it publishes.

He told MCV: We are aligning ourselves with quality whether that comes from internally developed or externally developed teams.

It is our goal to bring the highest quality talent to all platforms. By chasing and being obsessed with quality experiences we can delight customers – and bring them back so that when they see it is an EA game, made by either an internal or external team, they know it is great quality.”

Insomniac said that the new game has been built from the ground up for multiple platforms as it looks to reach new audiences.

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