Studio to formalise support for EA Games and Casual Entertainment labels, Develop understands

EA UK set for changes following corporate restructure?

The effect of EA’s surprise restructure is already being felt in the UK if current industry chatter is to be believed: sources have told Develop that the the 500-strong EA UK studio is to divide its efforts between supporting the new Games and Casual Entertainment labels

Develop understands that an internal announcement made to staff yesterday explained that current GM and VP Fiona Sperry will manage the Criterion group (creators of Burnout and Black) and any EA Games-relevant productions at EA UK, reporting to Frank Gibeau.

Meanwhile Harry Potter executive producer Harvey Elliott is to lead the UK teams making games for the new Casual Entertainment label, reporting to Kathy Vrabeck.

EA representatives would not comment on the rumours, but Develop assumes the company will be formally announced in the coming months as the entire company adapts to the restructuring.

Meanwhile, although the other studios in the EA network may make their own announcements regarding leadership and support for specific labels, it seems that it’s still very much business as usual amongst the company’s development troops, the biggest change being that their games and new ideas will make it to market quicker.

This increased ability to get more games out quicker was something EA Games president Frank Gibeau talked about in a Reuters interview earlier this week – and which was yesterday praised by analysts at Lazard Capital Markets and Wedbush Morgan.

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