EA are committed to bringing 1-2 big titles to the Switch

EA’s Blake Jorgensen “can’t yet predict” appeal of Nintendo Switch

In a statement given at the UBS Global Technology Conference, EA’s CFO Blake Jorgensen said that, although the company are excited about the Switch and plan to bring "or or two" of their biggest games franchises to the platform, but he "can’t yet predict" if people will be interested in Nintendo’s console.

The statement was reported by Gamespot and the good news is that EA are bringing one big title to the Switch: "We haven’t yet announced what game, but you should assume that it’s one of our bigger games," Jorgensen said.

EA released just a handful of games for the Wii U, including Mass Effect 3, Need For Speed Most Wanted, Madden NFL 13 and Fifa 13, before announcing they wouldn’t be supporting the console with further releases. This wasn’t the case for the Wii, which EA supported for the life of the device.

"We’re excited for Nintendo, it’s an interesting device," said Jorgensen, "but I can’t yet predict how broad it’s going to be, and if folk will be interested in a portable device alongside their regular portable device that they already have."

Nintendo has a strong third-party line-up for the Switch at present, something that was lacking with the Wii U. EA joins the long list of publishers supporting the Switch at launch, although we won’t actually find out more about Nintendo’s console until an event in January.

The Switch itself is planned to launch in March.

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