Nnooo's founder on the merits of WiiWare and iPhone

Ease of iPhone development ‘lowering the quality benchmark’

In today’s Develop interview, Nic Watt, the founder of indie studio Nnooo, has revealed that he feels the ease of releasing games on iPhone is "lowering the quality benchmark".

In the interview, which covers the relative merits of both WiiWare’s C++ system and the iPhone’s Objective C as development platforms, Watt said: "The pros to Apple’s system are that as I mentioned you can turn a game round quickly and release it quickly.

"The cons are that you have no control over when the game comes out and, due to the ease of making software, there is a flood of apps coming to market making the it hard to get noticed. I feel that this flood is lowering the quality benchmark, which in the end makes it unlikely you will easily be able to recoup costs."

Nnooo is the studio behind Pop, a puzzle-shooter originally released on WiiWare that was later completely remade for the iPhone platform.

To read the full interview, click here.

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