Eastern gamers far more critical of Nioh difficulty than those in the West

Team Ninja has published the results of a survey taken by those who recently tried the first playable alpha of upcoming PS4 title Nioh.

The game has, like so many others, followed the lead of Dark Souls, not least of which when it comes to difficulty. Surprisingly, Asian gamers expressed far more dissatisfaction with the challenge than their Western counterparts, the vast majority of which deemed the ‘Difficulty and Game Balance’ to be ‘very good’ or ‘good’. In Asia, however, only a third approved of the same metric.

Asian gamers were more critical of the game in general, with Americans being the most enthusiastic. The most criticised element worldwide was the game’s UI.

Thank you to all who played the Nioh Alpha Demo. In just 10 days, over 850,000 gamers around the world took up the challenge of Nioh,” the developer said. The dev team has read through the feedback and is coming up with improvements to make the final game even better. We’re working on those improvements right now, and will have more information on the game soon.

Team Ninja has said that as a result of the test it will add additional game system tutorials, adjust the balance of the opening sections to ease the challenge, make improvements to the controls and camera, wok on the UI and beef up the graphics.

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