Mobigame changes game name to Edgy â?? a title which Langdell is on record for favouring

Edge arrives on App Store for third time

In what is increasingly looking like an arms race between an IP owner and trademark holder, Mobigame has managed to put its breakthrough iPhone title back on the App Store.

This will mark the third time the game has appeared on the App Store, following an exhausting trademark dispute between Paris based developer Mobigame and bellicose trademark owner Tim Langdell.

Edge is once again on the App Store because it has been renamed Edgy – a title for the game which Langdell went on record as not opposing.

Speaking to Develop last week, a representative for Edge Games – thought to be Langdell himself despite claims to the contrary – indicated that naming the iPhone title Edgy would resolve the scrupulous trademark disagreement.

“Back in May [Mobigame co-founder] Papazian reached a settlement agreement with us to rename his game Edgy,” said the rep, “which deal he is on record as then later reneging on.”

Now with Mobigame renaming the title Edgy, the friction – at least in terms of legal matters – between Langdell and Mobigame appears to be over.


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