Former Crystal Dynamics GM Sean Vesce to head up Seattle base

Educational developer E-Line opens two new studios

Games for health, education, and social change are a growing part of the industry, and E-Line Media has opened two new studios to take advantage of this opportunity.

The two studios will be located in Seattle and Phoenix and will be led by some industry veterans from the core gaming sector to begin work on consumer and educational content respectively.

Heading the Seattle studio is chief creative officer Sean Vesce, who formerly worked as general manager at Tomb Raider developer Crystal Dynamics.

Vesce also worked on Mechwarrior and Interstate ’76 while at Activision

"After many years working on successful triple-A commercial entertainment, I’m fascinated by the prospect of leveraging games as a medium to achieve positive social impact," said Vesce.

"I am particularly excited about E-Line’s approach of partnering with leading game developers, philanthropic foundations, universities and social entrepreneurs to create exceptional games that are fun, engaging and do good."

The Pheonix studio will be under the guiding hand of Graeme Bayless, a 25-year veteran who has worked on 75 titles at industry powerhouses like Electronic Arts, 2K Games/Take-Two Interactive, Sierra On-Line, Sega, Eidos and Namco Bandai.

"Kids today spend as much time engaged with digital media and games as they do in school," said E-Line president and co-founder Alan Gershenfeld.

"Sean and his team have demonstrated that they can create games that drive millions of hours of engagement, and we are thrilled that they want to pour their talents into making great games that also educate, inspire and empower audiences."

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