Develop asks Charles Cecil six questions on a game he made. How do you think he scored?

Ego Trip: Charles Cecil

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Welcome to Ego Trip, a new Develop feature where we ask the finest game development talent a series of questions about the toughest subject of all – their own games.

In the chair this month is the lovely Martin Hollis. Here he is:

Arms crossed, he must mean business.


Name: Charles Cecil
Famous for: Broken Sword series
Answering questions on: Broken Sword: Shadow of the Templars

Let’s play.

What month and year did Shadow of the Templars first see release?
I remember it was 1996, but the month? I know it was the end of the year. In fact, I do know. It was late September, which was perfect for the game.

Including the original and the Director’s Cut versions of The Shadow of the Templars, can you name every platform on which the game saw release?
I’ll need to write these down. Well, there’s PC, PlayStation, GameBoy Advance, and there was also a Mac version. iPhone and iPad were different versions. Then there was a Palm version and Pocket PC, and two more. Oh dear; what were they? It was the Director’s Cut. I feel rather stupid here.

(Correct answer: Charles failed to mention DS and Wii)

The game’s hero, George Stobbart, visits numerous countries throughout his journey in Shadow of the Templars. Can you name five of them?
Oh that’s easy. Obviously he starts in France. He then goes to Ireland, and then to Syria. He then goes to Spain, and then to Scotland.

Can you name the young Irishman from Lochmarne who is supposed to deliver Peagram’s gem to Jacques Marquet in the game?
Yes, he’s called Fitzgerald. And his first name is Patrick. No it isn’t. His first name isn’t Patrick. It’s Sean. Sean Fitzgerald.

How does the game’s heroine Nicole Collard help George in the Museum?
She arrives wearing something of a Catwoman outfit.

The composer of Shadow of the Templars is most famous for scoring a popular TV series. What is the composer’s name, and what was the TV series called?
He did Inspector Morse, and his name was Barrington Pheloung.

1.Charles Cecil (5/6)
2.Martin Hollis (4/6)

Charles has just taken the lead from Martin, meaning the Revolution Software man is the current champion of Ego Trip. Check back next month to see if he can hold onto the top spot.

Over the coming months you’ll see this leaderboard evolve into a defining list of industry masterminds (or a high score board of game development’s most ambitious egomaniacs, depending on how you look at it).

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