Eiconic: Remote studio model ideal for small teams

Speaking to Develop as part of our ongoing London Special, Eiconic Games managing director Graeme Monk has praised the remote studio model on which the Polar Panic developer is based.

Eiconic is one of a growing number of studios choosing to work without an office, and in the case of the casual gaming specialist, most of it’s workforce are located in London and the South East.

“The most beneficial reason to be remote from a development point of view is the extra time it gives you,” stated Monk, later adding: “Prior to setting up Eiconic we all had commutes of around an hour each way, so instantly gaining an extra couple of hours a day means we can be extremely productive for a small team.”

In 2009 Eiconic released minigame compilation Squeeballs Party for the Wii, DS and iPhone, and readied Polar Panic, which is now headed to the PC in the wake of its XBLA and PSN debuts.

To read the full Eiconic feature, in which Monk also highlights the benefits London offers in terms of freelancers and recruitment, click here, and check back with our features section every day until next Wednesday for more studio profiles.

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