Key partnership breaks down as Krome recovers from vast staff cuts

Emergent calls off major Krome deal

Gamebryo engine vendor Emergent has abandoned its “long-term” business partnership with Australian studio Krome in just under two months since the deal was signed.

Emergent said the deal came to a “sudden and unexpected halt” as news spread of mass layoffs at Krome, with many speculating that the company was closed for good.

Krome – which was to share its tech, team and expertise with the engine firm – is said to be on the brink of collapse with around 40 full-time staff remaining from a workforce that peaked at 400.

The Australian independent studio had, until this week, refused to comment when approached by numerous media outlets.

“Emergent works with many companies to advance our technology products. Our strategic initiative with Krome was showing great promise, but has unfortunately come to a sudden and unexpected halt,” Emergent CEO Scott Johnson told Develop.

In September, when the partnership was announced, Johnson told Develop that Emergent “needs to get closer to game development, and this is something we’ve been working on very methodically.”

The firm said it would, with Krome, be developing new games to showcase its popular Gamebryo engine.

“Certainly our roadmap has been affected and we are re-evaluating our plans,” Johnson said today.

“It’s always difficult to watch as companies scale back and talented people lose their jobs, and our industry has witnessed more than its fair share recently.”

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