New prototyping solution to be showcased at GDC09

Emergent reveals Gamebryo LightSpeed

Emergent has announced the latest addition to the Gamebryo family: Gamebryo LightSpeed, a new solution for rapid prototyping and iteration of games.

The technology is based on the company’s proprietary Gamebryo solution, adding an entity system on top to get developers quickly up to prototyping new ideas. It also features live updates on consoles without recompiling, allowing new content to be dropped in or parameters tweaked with immediate feedback on the target machine itself.

“Hundreds of millions of dollars are being spent on redundant game technology development worldwide,” said Geoffrey Selzer, CEO of Emergent Game Technologies.

“At a time when the industry is restructuring and new studios are forming, not a single developer should be building its own technology from scratch. Gamebryo LightSpeed has been created from its first line of code based on the needs of game programmers and designers who develop in a wide variety of game genres.”

“We’re not suggesting there are jobs to be lost in the industry; we’re offering the solution to redirect that talent into creative endeavors and we have numerous programs and efforts to support these studios. Game programming can now be laser-focused on game-specific tools that empower new kinds of gameplay, instead of rebuilding the fundamentals."

Company president Scott Johnson added: “When the game engine business took a left, we went right. With our rapid prototyping and iteration and a powerful entity modeling system, developers can get their ideas up and running in just days. Most dev teams today are not beholden to one category of game and therefore must evaluate their overall development roadmap in choosing technology. There’s no reason to be backed into a corner by choosing an engine that is based on someone else’s game, we’re the only flexible professional software available. Conventional wisdom says ’better, faster, cheaper – you can’t have all three.’ With Gamebryo LightSpeed, that’s just no longer true.”

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